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Sierra Wireless claims world's smallest M2M module

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Sierra Wireless has launched the Sierra Wireless AirPrime WS6318 module for M2M connectivity in a smaller package. The AirPrime WS6318 provides M2M connectivity in a module 15x18 square millimetre. OEM customers can integrate GSM connectivity into smaller and more products. By embedding health monitoring and wireless communication capacities into a small watch or wristband, a health application provider could extend its service to customers that would be unwilling to wear a bulky monitoring device. The AirPrime WS6318 opens the door to connected devices that were previously impossible and enables M2M innovators to address markets. The AirPrime WS6318 is designed to serve a different set of requirements, providing M2M connectivity. It provides all the mobile features and capacities that connected devices need, implemented in proven software developed. Global fleet telematics provider Scope Technologies has become an early adopter of the product. The AirPrime WS6318 is also among the first mobile modules in the industry to use conformal coating technology. Instead of relying on metal shielding to protect chip sets and circuit boards, the module is coated with a protective chemical barrier.