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  • FTTx Optical Termination Box

    FTTx Optical Termination Box FTTx  Optical Termination Box
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    Product description: FTTx Optical Termination Box .

    FTTH-Optical Termination Box (FTTH-OTB) is designed to connect feeder/distribution cable to subscriber's drop cable using PLC splitter in Fttx networks. FTTH-OTB has 2 input ports and 16 output ports on the bottom and it is easy to install on the wall or pole. The rear tray is for splicing a fiber of feeder cable with PLC splitter and the front tray is for connecting subscriber's drop cable through adaptor plate on the tray.

  • Hộp thuê bao quang Mini ODF

    Hộp thuê bao quang Mini ODF Hộp thuê bao quang  Mini ODF
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    Product description: Hộp thuê bao quang Mini ODF. Hộp thuê bao quang hỗ trợ 4 FO, 6 FO, 8 FO, 12 FO.
  • Măng xông quang Fttx

    Măng xông quang Fttx Măng xông quang Fttx
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    Product description: Măng xông quang Fttx. ...

    FTTx Fiber Optic Closure is designed to be comprised of PLC splitters allowing optical power to be split into 16 channels. The easy-to-sure gasket sealing system further simplifies the installation process and provides superior protection from the extemal environments. The unit can support up to 8 drop cables inFTTx applications and shall be served with all of the mechanical requirement such as waterproof, impact resistance and securing feeder and drop cables. Included two optical splice trays shall be used for PLC splitter installations and drop cable splicing.