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Vietnam Coast Guard received the first aircraft C212-400 maritime surveillance

Flight Global said Airbus Military Company of Spain has been transferred to the Coast Guard Vietnam the first maritime reconnaissance aircraft C212-400 Patrullero.

This is the first Patrullero C212-400 in the package contract to buy three C212-400 Patrullero which Vietnam has signed with Airbus Military. Under the leadership of Airbus Military, the second aircraft will be delivered late in 2011 and a thirt will be in early in 2012.

The pilots and technical personnel of the Vietnam Coast Guard has been trainned at the Airbus training center in Seville (Spain).

C212-400 aircraft to provide Vietnam Patrullero equipped with modern equipment on board, including flight control system.

C-212-400 Patrullero is multifuntion marine reconnaissance aircraft, witch produced by CASA (Spain) company ​​on the basis of transport aircraft Aviocar С-212. This is the latest variant of the aircraft Aviocar.

C-212-400 Patrullero have first flight in 1997, is responsible for patrolling the waters over a period of 8 hours of continuous operation within 1000 miles. In 1998, C-212-400 Patrullero conducted mass production.

Aircraft equipped with radar to ensure scouring observed in 360 degree, television camera, infrared and data transmission system via satellite. On the plane the missile hardpoints 68mm or 70mm, machine guns and two torpedo Stingray Light, Mk.46 or A 244 / S.

Cockpit is equipped with electronic control system (Electronic Flight Instruments) with a CRT display systems and data integration engine (Engine Integrated Data System) with two color liquid crystal display.

Currently, the aircraft has been provided for the Navy Venezuela (2 units), Air Force of Suriname (2 units), Dominican Republic (2 units transport version), Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Spain (3 units).