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Captivated spring finger contacts permit quick, easy and precise solderless installation utilizing only basic hand tools. Avoids the high impedance risk associated with soldering.

Self Flaring
Self flaring design reduces installation time and thus, saves on labor costs.

Corrosion-Proof Gold Plated Contacts
Featured even on standard connectors. Provide improved contact resistance and lower intermodulation.

Outstanding Electrical Performance
Metal to Metal contact between cable and connector - no plastic parts used. Secure connection highly resistant to pull-off or twist-off provides long-term mechanical integrity. Resistant to intermodulation after temperature cycling.

Easy to Install
No special tools needed. Only basic hand tools required. No additional costs to the installer.

Technical Features
Transmission Line Type Coaxial Cable
Cable Size 7/8", 5D-FB,8D-FB,10D-FB
Cable Type Air Dielectric
Model Series HCA78-50 Series
Connector Interface N
Connector Type Straight
Sealing Method O-ring
Gender Male
Plating Outer/Inner Silver/Gold
Length, mm (in) 99 (3.9)
Outer Diameter, mm (in) 36 (1.4)
Weight, kg (lb) 0.4 (0.85)
Inner Contact Attachment Self Tapping
Outer Contact Attachment Self Flare
Wrench size front, mm (in) 32 (1-1/4)
Wrench size rear, mm (in) 32 (1-1/4)