Cáp cao tần RF-195,LMR-240,LMR-400, LMR-300, LMR-500, LMR-600 suy hao thấp

Cáp cao tần RF-195,LMR-240,LMR-400, LMR-300, LMR-500, LMR-600 suy hao thấp

Dùng cho
• Thay thế cáp  RG-8/9913 Air-Dielectric type Cable
• Jumper Assemblies in Wireless Communications Systems
• Short Antenna Feeder runs
• Các ứng dụng dân sự và quân sự (e.g. WLL, GPS, LMR, WLAN, WISP, WiMax, SCADA, Mobile Antennas) , low loss RF cable

ảnh cáp RF-195,LMR-240,LMR-400, LMR-300, LMR-500,LMR-600

• RF Shielding is 50 dB greater than typical single shielded coax (40 dB). The multi-ply bonded foil outer conductor is rated conservatively at > 90 dB (i.e. >180 dB between two adjacent cables).
• Weatherability: LMR-400 cables designed for outdoor exposure incorporate the best materials for UV resistance and have life expectancy in excess of 20 years.
• Connectors: A wide variety of connectors are available for LMR-400 cable, including all common interface types, reverse polarity, and a choice of solder or non-solder center pins. Most LMR connectors employ crimp outer attachment using standard hex crimp sizes.
• Cable Assemblies: All LMR-400 cable types are available as pre-terminated cable assemblies. Refer to the section on FlexTech for further details.

Cấu tạo cáp
Description Material In. (mm)
Inner Conductor Solid BCCAI 0.108 (2.74)
Dielectric Foam PE 0.285 (7.24)
Outer Conductor Aluminum Tape 0.291 (7.39)
Overall Braid Tinned Copper 0.320 (8.13)
Jacket (see table above) 0.405 (10.29)

Chỉ tiêu điện
Performance Property Units US (metric)
Velocity of Propagation % 85
Dielectric Constant NA 1.38
Time Delay nS/ft (nS/m) 1.20 (3.92)
Impedance ohms 50
Capacitance pF/ft (pF/m) 23.9 (78.4)
Inductance uH/ft (uH/m) 0.060 (0.20)
Shielding Effectiveness dB >90
DC Resistance
Inner Conductor ohms/1000ft (/km) 1.39 (4.6)
Outer Conductor ohms/1000ft (/km) 1.65 (5.4)
Voltage Withstand Volts DC 2500
Jacket Spark Volts RMS 8000
Peak Power kW 16

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